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The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA) is a professional organization of veterinarians dedicated to compassionate animal care and quality medicine. The NCVMA promotes integrity and excellence in veterinary medicine, provides the highest quality continuing education programs and conferences, supports its members through public relations and marketing efforts to the public and governing officials, advocates on behalf of the interests of the entire profession, and serves as an advocate and voice for veterinary medicine in the state.



MMI provides comprehensive public relations support to advance the key communications imperatives for NCVMA. These include increasing visibility of the brand, supporting existing members in efforts to grow their practices; promoting responsible pet ownership and raising public awareness of the necessity for high-quality, compassionate veterinary care.

Media Training – MMI provided media training to key NCVMA members, including its executive director, in order to help the organization speak with one voice, control its message, and tell the associations story in a way that resonates with media members and key stakeholders.

Multimedia Services – MMI’s multimedia team created a video to add eye-catching visual richness to NCVMA’s outreach efforts and further promote the organization’s core values. This video was part of a larger campaign including advertising efforts to further promote responsible pet ownership to college sports fans around North Carolina.

Media Relations – MMI engages in ongoing media relations to secure placement in local and statewide print and broadcast media to leverage the thought leadership of NCVMA and member veterinarians. This included recurring columns in notable North Carolina publications, including the Daily Reflector (Greenville), Star News Online (Wilmington), the Fayetteville Observer and WRAL, among others.

Content Creation – To further support media relations efforts, MMI has crafted content ranging from blog posts to interview talking points to long-form articles in local and state publications – appearing in the Wilmington Star News, Fayetteville Observer, The Daily Reflector, Asheboro HUB, Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald and Courier-Tribune, among others – covering topics related to veterinary medicine and responsible pet care. This content spanned all paid, earned, shared and owned marketing channels for maximum reach and effectiveness.

Advertising – MMI launched an advertising campaign targeting audiences at sporting events at three state universities – The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Appalachian State University and North Carolina State University – covering radio broadcasts, video board footage, digital and more. Ad collateral built brand awareness for NCVMA across a wide audience, and educated the public about responsible pet ownership.


MMI created the NCVMA Twitter account in 2010 in order to inform followers of the importance of regular check-ups for optimal pet health, proper nutrition, routine vaccinations, major pet food and product recalls, and other key issues that NCVMA indicates as timely and important to discuss. With an overarching goal to position NCVMA and its members as experts in veterinary care and medicine, both statewide and nationally, MMI uses the account to engage with key external stakeholders, shares newsworthy updates raising overall awareness of veterinary care and shares NCVMA bylined articles from news networks throughout the state. Due to the successfulness of this account in penetrating key markets and reaching targeted stakeholders, MMI created the NCVMA Facebook page and Pinterest accounts in 2014, with communications goals similar to that of Twitter.

Results for NCVMA’s social assets have been overwhelmingly positive. The @NCVMA Twitter account grew from 102 followers in June 2010 to 2,043 followers in August 2015. In fact, @NCVMA maintains the largest Twitter presence of any state veterinary medical association in the United States. In just under a year, the Facebook account grew from 33 likes to 146 likes; and the Pinterest page now boasts 29 boards, 696 pins and 54 followers.

Whether through public relations or social media, MMI’s efforts have served to expand the brand reach and reputation of the NCVMA and its members among key stakeholders. In addition to increasing public knowledge of veterinary medicine and responsible pet care, communications, NCVMA representatives and member veterinarians have been positioned as go-to resources for media influencers seeking knowledge on timely veterinary and animal-related topics. MMI’s efforts represent a piece of NCVMA’s large overall campaign for growth, which has resulted in the organization going from just over 2,000 members in 2010 to more than 2,700 members in August 2015. Each method of communication has allowed NCVMA to speak with a consistent voice across all channels, and to further its standing as a leading veterinary association in the United States.

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