KDI Capital Partners, Inc.

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KDI Capital Partners, LLC (KDI) is a predominantly employee-owned investment management firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1991. The firm has a long track record of helping clients of varying risk tolerances achieve their investment goals through multiple proven, top-tier public equity strategies.


With the business goal of growing and diversifying its client base, KDI sought out MMI to lead the company’s website redesign and brand refresh. MMI utilized a thorough creative discovery process to determine necessary website updates, which included revitalized content and overall design to. Together, these elements work together to create a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing experience for targeted audiences and further position KDI’s team as globally competitive investment experts.

To kick off this new website, MMI audited all preexisting web content to provide direction for the design and brand refresh process, then created a website that accurately reflects the KDI brand. All content was created to present a unified message of excellent service to target audiences, and brand imaging was selected to represent KDI as a modern, highly professional firm. Through MMI’s website redesign and branding services, KDI was able to debut a custom new website that will help the firm expand its brand reach and reputation.

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