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The Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University was founded in 1976 to graduate lawyers who possess moral conviction, social compassion and professional competence — who view the law as a calling to serve others. From 1988 to the present, the school’s record of success on the North Carolina Bar Exam has been unmatched by any other North Carolina law school. In order to support the continuation of this success, Campbell Law School partnered with MMI to further drive enrollment and national recognition for the institution.

MMI Case Study Campbell Law School


To support its enrollment goals, Campbell sought to position its Law School faculty as expert resources in legal issues and increase awareness of the school’s thought leadership on professional issues and the distinction of its curriculum. Cultivating a new communications strategy was necessary for the institution to stay ahead of its competitors, significantly improve its thought leadership recognition, deepen its relations with faculty, students, community and alumni, and advance its enrollment efforts.

MMI’s Analytics Practice was engaged to assess historical sentiment, voice of brand, reach and engagement of the law school’s social assets and blogs against its top 15 competitors. Our research of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blog activity revealed that Campbell Law students and alumni were advocating for the school on their personal social media accounts.


Based on our discovery, MMI proposed a cohesive social media content strategy through the law school’s social assets to build engagement and advance its enrollment and brand prominence. Due to limited activity on its LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, Campbell had a unique opportunity to expand its thought leadership and engagement with alumni, students, prospective students, and their communities. MMI recommended that the Law School designate one key contact to manage content across its social assets to increase engagement consistency and frequency. To help increase student, faculty and staff engagement, MMI drafted a social media policy with specific guidelines for posting content and best practices.


MMI created voice of brand content — consisting of news updates, pictures, event information and thought leadership commentary — to distinguish the institution as a “law school of choice.”

We partnered with the school’s social account owners to build higher-quality engagement on LinkedIn and Facebook. MMI monitored those assets to determine which posts had the greatest impact on user engagement and, accordingly, helped direct and redirect content.

Through each stage of discovery, strategy and delivery, MMI’s social media team and Analytics Practice managed each aspect of stakeholder engagement, content creation, voice of brand, and sentiment monitoring to advance the school’s enrollment interests and prominence as a law school of choice.

Campbell Facebook figures

Across the first month (December, 2011) of implementation, Campbell Law School saw immediate success with its Facebook page alone, with 346 total Likes, which accounted for 154,743 friends of fans and a weekly total reach of 2,102 people. By March 2012the page had received 409 total Likes, with nearly 200,000 friends of fans.

Progress continued on both Facebook and LinkedIn over the next two years, with such success stories as a Facebook post showing first-year students taking their Oath of Professionalism generating 179 Likes and the addition of 24 new followers of the Campbell Law School LinkedIn page in a single month.


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