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Baruch College of the City University of New York remains dedicated to being a catalyst for the social, cultural, and financial mobility of a diverse student body, reflective of its historical mission. Baruch College educates men and women for leadership roles in business, civic and cultural affairs, and academia. As part of a CUNY initiative, Baruch was required to implement a tobacco-free policy on campus. Our team was enlisted to prepare a strategy and plan for spreading this message through the school and campus.

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As a first step we proceeded to conceptualize a series of campaign graphics and messaging that would provide a creative foundation for the campaign. In doing so we looked at how the messaging would be most effective by examining the audience, where they generally gathered around campus and how we could most effectively reach them. We discovered that the messaging could be turned into a broader message that targeted smokers and non-smokers with a broad positive message about self-respect and student pride.

MMI case sudy baruch college


Based on our findings, our team proposed and presented creative choices and various ways in which they could be produced and displayed. Once a direction was decided, we considered all of the various ways in which the campaign might be rolled out. This included campus entrance video screens, large interior posters, banners for the exterior display and interior display, stickers and placards around campus entrances, college radio messages, web banners and the faces of stairs at one of the central college entryways.

MMI case Study baruch college

MMI Case Study Baruch College


The production was diverse and required a wide array of digital outputting techniques, printing techniques and digital production. Oversight and campus coordination was needed for installation to go smoothly and on time. We worked closely with the Baruch College staff to ensure everything went according to plan and by the appointed deadline.

MMI case study baruch college


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