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Conan O’Brien Making Dreams Come True

by Michelle Fowler

Conan O'BrienOn March 5, Conan O’Brien sent out this tweet:

“I've decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change”

as he decided to make the 19-year-old student the one and only person he is following on Twitter.  Turns out he was right.


comment | 03/09/2010

New Media

5 Tips To Avoid The Corporate Blogging Blues: #2 Choose A Good CMS

by Bobby McDonald

Web 1.0

My last blog post started a five-part series about avoiding major corporate blogging blunders.  In the first post, I discussed how to deal with negative comments and the fear associated with negativity online. 

Give it a read if you're concerned about negative comments on your business blog.  But enough about old posts and negativity -- here's tip number two:


comment | 03/08/2010

MMI Watercooler

Selling Liquor In N.C. Should Be Easier Than ABC

by Patty Briguglio

ABC StoreGov. Bev Perdue has hired an outside group to conduct a financial appraisal of North Carolina's liquor system, including studying the option of privatizing sales. The latter sounds like a good idea to me. Face it – while the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission might have worked well regulating booze sales years ago, it now acts more like somebody creating a cushy job for himself.


1 comment | 03/08/2010

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Valerie’s Visibility: A Comeback Success Story, Taken One Day at a Time

by Jill Mastrangelo

Valerie BertinelliThough Valerie Bertinelli has said and owned up to things that had the potential to alienate her long-term and new fans (such as candid details of her tumultuous marriage, and the struggles she went through with self image and drug use), she has maintained a transparency that is uncommon among people in the entertainment industry.


comment | 03/05/2010

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

There is Still Hope for Toyota

by Kate Catlin

ToyotaIn a USA Today/Gallup Poll released this week, 55% of Americans polled said they felt Toyota took too long to react to the safety problems in several of its vehicles.  Company spokesperson Mike Michels said, "We aren't surprised by the poll results...


comment | 03/04/2010

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