PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

“I Went to Sleep Rihanna and Woke Up Britney Spears”

by Kate Catlin

Rihanna Speaks Out and Takes Control of the Message

RihannaChris Brown’s assault on his girlfriend Rihanna generated a media storm that had everyone from Oprah Winfrey to the average person speaking their mind.  While opinions and comments varied, one thing remained consistent:  neither Brown nor Rihanna took the opportunity to tell their side – until last week. 


2 comments | 11/12/2009

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Dirty Play On The Field Stirs Up Drama Off The Field

by Jennifer Westfall


Poor sportsmanship seems to be far too common of a headline these days.  Serena Williams’ recent display on the court turned into more of a shouting match than a tennis match; and fans are always prepared for a fight to break out on the hockey rink; but the University of New Mexico's Elizabeth Lambert has stirred up some new trouble with dirty soccer plays.


comment | 11/11/2009

Jennifer Fair

MMI Watercooler

Raleigh Taking Steps To Become Foot-Friendly

by Jennifer Fair

We've all heard about how the Triangle is a great place to live.  That being said, I wasn't surprised to see that the Raleigh-Cary metro area was recently ranked the No. 6 most dangerous city in the country for pedestrians in a recent report released by Transportation for America.


comment | 11/10/2009

New Media

Killing Your Buzz: PR Firms Without Social Media Sense

by Ryal Curtis

Fail Whale

Social Media. Twitter. Blogs. Search Engine Optimization. Online Reputation. Widgets. Podcasts. Blogosphere. Online Video. Web 2.0.

These sexy social media buzz words are being used, recycled, tweaked and pitched, not only by online marketing and social media companies, but by public relations firms as well. It is one of the fastest-evolving pieces of the larger communications pie, and PR firms are moving quickly to make it part of their respectable (and profitable) set of company services.

Some PR firms are excelling in the incorporation of social media into their PR toolbox. And frankly, some are not.


comment | 11/09/2009

Michelle Fowler

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Local Town Council Candidate’s Flamboyant Publicity Tactics Prove Unsuccessful

by Michelle Fowler

Scott Lassiter

The votes are in for Wake County elections, and one thing is for sure – Scott Lassiter is out. The 22-year-old candidate running for a spot on the town council has become known for his less-than-subtle campaign techniques, which include driving around a 1985 Chevy Conversion van bearing a larger-than-life picture of him giving the classic double thumbs up.


comment | 11/06/2009

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