Wesley Hyatt

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

When It Comes To Apologies, Goldman Sachs

by Wesley Hyatt

According to The New York Times, the announcement by mega-bank Goldman Sachs that it is setting aside $500 million to help 10,000 small businesses recover from the recession is in no way motivated by criticism of its greedy reputation.  Right.  And Bernie Madoff is a misunderstood altruist.  No bigger firm generates worse PR than Goldman Sachs does right now.


comment | 11/18/2009

Jake Potter

New Media

President Obama and Twittergate

by Jake Potter

TechCrunch caught President Barack Obama in a lie this week. Apparetnly, his Twitter account is ghostwritten despite @BarackObama’s clearly-designated “Verified Account” status.

Woodward and Bernstein 2.0 has officially arrived.


comment | 11/17/2009

New Media

Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm and Zune Coming To Xbox LIVE

by Bobby McDonald


For some time now a select group of Xbox LIVE users have had access to Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm and Zune from their Xbox console.  In a recent post Mashable reported that on Nov. 17 (tomorrow), a console update will officially roll out the new features to the entire Xbox LIVE community.


5 comments | 11/16/2009

MMI Watercooler PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Why Rush Health Care Reform?

by Patty Briguglio

Health CareIn case you wonder where I stand, let me make myself clear: I am all for health care reform.  But I think we need the process to occur in little pieces, not in one fell swoop as being proposed by the Obama administration and other backers of the current bill.


comment | 11/16/2009

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Filling A GAP In Creating Brand Buzz For the Holidays

by Jill Mastrangelo

With the gift-giving season a little more than a month away, and Black Friday  – the busiest day in the retail world – less than two weeks away, many stores are facing an uphill battle.

But one store that seems to always dance circles around the competition when it comes to generating a buzz is GAP Inc. 


comment | 11/13/2009

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